Membership supports our chapter.

Chapter activities rely on the money that comes from memberships and donations.

When you become a PFLAG Dunedin Member, your money helps to support our work and the work of PFLAG National.



We offer 3 levels of membership: 


The $30 Basic Membership:

  • You become a member of PFLAG Dunedin and you also become a member of PFLAG National!
  • $15 of your membership goes to PFLAG National, to support the national advocacy and educational efforts of our parent organization.
  • The remainder of your membership fee is used by PFLAG Dunedin to support our general operation efforts. It helps to pay for marketing materials, informational booklets, website costs, and special events.
  • Your membership includes the PFLAG National newsletter, the PFLAGpole, which is mailed three times per year.

The $50 Guardian Membership:

  • Includes all the benefits of Basic Membership.
  • The Guardian Membership allows PFLAG Dunedin to pursue advanced outreach efforts in our community, including active participation in Pride events.  With the additional funds, we can afford more of the items on our wish list and we can more heavily invest in having a presence at community activities and events.

The $100 Rainbow Membership:

  • Includes all the benefits of Basic and Guardian Membership.
  • The Rainbow Membership allows us to pursue advanced marketing techniques to bring even more people into our meetings. This membership level also allows us to save money for special long-term programs, such as youth groups and youth outreach.

All membership transactions are processed safely and securely through PayPal.  You may pay with a credit or debit card, or through your PayPal balance.

Become a Member of PFLAG Dunedin
Basic Membership : $30.00 USD – yearly
Guardian Membership : $50.00 USD – yearly
Rainbow Membership : $100.00 USD – yearly